To Contend, Fight to the Finish.

Who Are We?
Decerto is one of the oldest and most successful raiding guilds on Misha. Formed in 2006 on Vek'nilash (US), Decerto had the privilege of opening the AQ gates and lead the server in 40-man server-first boss kills. After the guild disbanded, several veterans transferred to Misha to rebuild the guild in 2007 for the new expansion. In Burning Crusade, Decerto was the premier 25-man raiding guild on the server, enjoying all of the 25-man server-firsts up to Sunwell. The guild took a more laid-back approach beginning in Wrath of the Lich King and raided all end game content on a more casual level. Under new leadership towards the end of Mists of Pandaria, the guild cleared to 5/14 Heroic in the Siege of Orgrimmar and has continued to raid successfully all the way into Legion. See also: Progression.

Guild Behavior
Our motto is “Let us be prideful but not boastful, let us be great but modest". We expect our members to be respectful to everyone in the game, no matter who they play with or how they act towards others. We encourage everyone to be social and play the game how they would like to, but we do ask that you not bring guild issues outside of the guild nor bring outside issues into the guild. In trade chat or general chat we also ask that you stay away from things such as begging, bad mouthing or picking fights. We ask that you check your ego at the door and be a courteous member of our little family. We all like to have fun and joke around, but keep your jokes to a reasonable standard; expression of malice or ill will should not happen, even in jest. Above all we ask that you are respectful of the <Decerto> tag underneath your name, and that you do your best to promote a good reputation for our guild. Basically: don’t be a dick.

Raid nights are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6PM-9PM Pacific Standard Time. We require an 80% minimum attendance record to maintain a Raider rank. We would also like to remind everyone that, while the guild is happy to provide flasks, potions, and repairs for our raiders, we provide them only for raiding with the guild on guild raiding nights. During raiding we want you to have fun, but we also want you to be focused on the task at hand. We ask that vent chatter is kept to the minimum (vital information only) during fights and when discussing strategies. This being said, Ventrilo is required for raiding and a microphone is strongly preferred. We are currently running personal loot in EN to see if the changes make it viable for progression raiding and faster pulls since all the officers do not have to distribute loot.

We ask that you be helpful to anyone inquiring about joining the guild. Applicants should be directed to the forums to apply. If they have any questions, help them or direct them to the Guild Master or any of the officers. Basically, just help them as best you can, and if you cannot help them, send them to someone who can.

Alts and guests are allowed in the guild, if you would like to invite a guest or an alt contact an officer and ask. Guests are allowed to use our vent to chat and socialize, but during raids or other guild events we will ask that they either switch to a different channel or leave the vent server entirely (depending on if space in the server is needed). Please note that guests who wish to raid in the future will need to apply to be a raider through the general application on the forums despite already being in the guild as a guest. If you plan on switching your main to an alt please do so only after talking with your role officer(s) and raid leader about it.