Raid Kill > Garrosh Hellscream Defeated!

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Re: Raid Kill > Garrosh Hellscream Defeated!

Post by Maikmei » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:18 pm

still one of my most cherished posts by Myrdin :) #british

Raid Kill > Garrosh Hellscream Defeated!

Post by Discover » Wed Nov 12, 2014 3:55 pm

Shortly after deploying to Orgrimmar, communication lines with our vanguard were severed and all attempts to gain news from the front failed. While we feared for the worst little did we realize that our brave champions had destroyed the battlements, stormed the fortress and cleaved a path all the way to the foul relic of corruption and it's guardian,

Garrosh did not submit easily, and with the foulness of Y'shaarj fueling his rage our battle was not without casualties. Weak in spirit a brace of warriors fell to corruption and could not be cleansed, may their souls find peace on a new path. Where this loss may have crippled the morale of many a company, we steeled ourselves and remembered our creed; To contend, to fight to the finish. In this we found strength in each other and set about rebuilding our might for a second push against this formidable opponent. This time we stood shoulder to shoulder, unified in our desire. Hellscream didn't stand a chance.