Heroic Gul'Down - Nighthold Cleared

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Heroic Gul'Down - Nighthold Cleared

Post#1 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:24 am

It may have taken us longer than we would have liked but we have cleared the first tier of Legion! After a solid night of deep phase 3 pulls yesterday we came in tonight with focus and made quick work of Gul'dan. Though this fight marks the last boss for some of our raiders we are looking forward to seeing what some newer members can do in the Tomb of Sargeras! Thanks to all of our raiders who put in so much effort and time to be prepared and motivated for the past 7 months- Nythendra sure was a long time ago. I could not be prouder of our team and am excited for what lies ahead. For now, I hope we can all enjoy a well deserved break as we slip into a much more casual raiding schedule before new challenges arise.

Gul'Dan, Darkness Incarnate